A sparkling chandelier will enhance any room but this can only be achieved by regular cleaning. We recommend every 12 to 18 months, we can call and give a free, no obligation estimate. We dismantle the chandelier and wash it in warm water. We do not use a solvent which can leave a film and attract dust.

Most chandeliers can be cleaned on site – remember if it can be seen – keep it clean. A period chandelier is a good investment as it will appreciate in value over the years. Ireland has produced some of the finest and most sought after chandeliers. We can supply these. Because of the nature of our business it is advisable to phone before calling to our showrooms.


We restore chandeliers including rewiring, repining, washing and supplying and fitting new and/or old parts. We call and remove the chandelier to our workshop, restore it, then pack, return and rehang it. We have done restoration work for Castletown House, Trinity College, and Aras An Uachtarain.


We normally hang chandeliers which have been purchased from us but we can also hang chandeliers that have been purchased elsewhere. We can remove chandeliers from auction rooms, shops and houses and re-hang them at their new location.

Taking down and packing

We also offer a service whereby we can call, dismantle, take down and pack a chandelier. We do this if a client is moving house or is having some work done. It is usually safer and less expensive to remove the chandelier than to have it repaired!!